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THIS IS....THE BEST THING I HAVE SEEN ON HERE IN YEARS!!! This really should be a TV or Netflix series if you could get the rights, its definitely good enough, in fact, it IS epic! Haha, the mousetrap part had Mountain Dew shooting out of my nose I was laughing so hard! Fantastic job, I hope to see more from you! Instant fan here!

Absolutely glorious! I'd watch this series if it was one! The animation is better than pretty much all the stuff on Adult Swim.

A fantastically twisted trip! Brilliant use of different mediums.

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Amazing game! Better than some of the things I've paid for on STEAM actually, you got talent! Its twisted, the writing is fantastic, and its just blurry enough to be enjoyable, and still make me uncomfortable. I'll definitely be following this game through development, hell, I'd pay for this game! Just picked it up, and sent you 10 bucks, I think a game like this is worth more but I'm running low on cash atm, sorry bud, I hope it helps to advance the game to its next stage.

Also, its relevant to me, because in a wooded area near me in PA, there's this exact urban legend, I've found the gates, but supposedly no one has made it through the last one alive and lived to tell about it, there's tales of hell-hounds at gate 5 and a hooded figure similar to death at gate 6, still trying to get a group of people to go with me to do a documentary.

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This is absolutely stunning! Its like a comic book I'd dream of if I was doing LSD! Just wow, so good! I's definitely buy a graphic novel in this art style!

Fucking fabulous work! Great art commemorating a great game! Love the sneer!

Super cool! Would be a great psychedelic blacklight poster!

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